From Maggie the Mechanic: A Love and Rockets Book by Jaime Hernandez

Sorry, no reviews yet.  Watch out for reviews of off-beat, mostly B&W comics, including some Japanese manga that haven’t been officially released in the U.S. (and likely never will).  As a heads-up to what I like, here are a few of my favorite comic artists: Terry Moore, Adrian Tomine, Jeff Smith, Mitsuru Adachi, Rumiko Takahashi, The Hernandez Brothers (I prefer Gilbert’s story-telling and Jaime’s art), Hayao Miyazaki, R. Crumb and Aline, Craig Thompson (I’ve only read Blankets, but it was good), Phoebe Gloeckner, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and Debbie Dreshler.  So, I guess you could say I like my comics to be a little on the R-rated side, to be creater-owned properties, and to have strong–but hot–women.  Some of the unreleased Japanese comics I’d like to review include “Honeymoon Salad” by Hikaru Ninomiya (about a co-dependent love triangle involving a man who still can’t get over his breakup with his middle-school girlfriend, a seamstress escaping an abusive relationship, and, you guessed it, the middle-school girlfriend, who is now a writer)   and “Oyasumi Punpun” (a dark coming of age story in which the main character and his family are drawn as creepy looking birds, but all of the other characters are drawn fairly realistically).


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